The Settlement Center

Brßkarbraut 13 - 15 - 310 Borgarnes

Tel: +354 437 1600

open all year 10am-9pm


The restaurant is closed the 30th of april 2015. But the museum is open.  

The Settlement Center is located in the village of Borgarnes just one hours drive from Reykjavik on road no 1 towards the north. 


TripAdvisor has awarded The Settlement Center The Certificate of Excellence three years in a row.


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The Saga of the Viking Heritage.


Settlement Exhibition - Egils Saga Exhibition

In two exhibitons The Settlement Center tells the Saga of The Settlement of Iceland and Iceland┤s most famous viking and first poet Egill Skallagrimsson.


It gives the traveler a good foundation for further knowledge when traveling in Iceland.


Audio guides in 12 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Icelandic. A complete circuit of each exhibition takes about 30 minutes. 


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Guided tours Egils trail:

We provide guided on tours to historic places in Egils Saga both with a living guide and a SMART GUIDE in an Iphone.

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Awards 2007 - 2009


1. The tourist industry innovation award 2006.

2. The Icelandic woman entrepreneur award 2007

3. International innovaton award given by FCEM international business  

    woman assotiation. 

4. Eyrarrˇs - given to outstanding cultural projects in rural Iceland.

Eyrarrˇs is given by Reykjavik┤s Art Festival, Icelandic Airlines and The Institude of Regonal Development. It is one of Iceand┤s most important rewards given in this field, patroned by Iceland┤s First Lady Dorrit Mousaieff.


West Iceland - The Sagaland


The saga of the Settlement of Iceland and the Viking Egill Skallagrimsson


The ideal starting point - Audio guide in twelve languages


Places of interest

Looking for places of interest in West Iceland The Settlement Center at Borgarnes is a unique place to visit.